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Regenerative Schild Ampoule

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  • Size65 * 102 * 65 mm
  • Weight130 g
  • Payment TermsT/T
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Product Detail Information

Regenerative Schild Ampoule


│ Basic information │

  Functional cosmetic (Anti-wrinkle + whitening) Volume 30ml

│ Product information │

  Protection shield for aging, schild ampoule Must have item for laser process!
  1. 3GF anti aging-3GF complex quickly applied and give an elasticity to skin and make the firm young face.
  2. Whitening + wrinkle function – it lights on the skin tone with whitening function and gives powerful anti-aging care with anti-wrinkle function.
  3. From damaging skin protection – it protects the skin and relax the skin stimulation by harmful external environment.
  4. Moist skin till morning – the patented ingredients by German lab made a golden ratio of pouring and it gives rich moisture to skin and keeps moist healthy skin.

│ Special point │

  Vital sheild stop the time !
  More powerful 3GF COMPLEX gives anti-aging care  



  Three peptide ingredients consist of providing effective anti aging effects
  It is effective in anti-aging because it is consist of three peptide ingredients.

  EGF a key role for skin firming
  FGF maintain best body condition, skin firming
  IGF complete smooth and soft

  A collection of German technology, BASS2 COMPLEX
  Calming care + rejuvenate effect + skin protention


│ Check list │

  1. Rejuvenating care after dermatological treatment
  2. Anti-wrinkle care as Beginning of aging
  3. The skin tones don't do whitening care is required, the time schedule
  4. Whitening care due the uneven skin tone
  5. Intensive anti-aging care due to lowering the overall elasticity

│ How to use │

  After using toner, spread smoothy at the step of essence use

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Regenerative Schild Ampoule