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A calming SUN suit SPF 50+, PA+++

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  • MaterialA-calming complex, Multi BSASM complex
  • Size55 * 102 * 35 mm
  • Weight70 g
  • Payment TermsT/T
Gold plus trader Gold Plus Trader

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

A-calming SUN suit SPF 50+, PA+++


│ Basic information │

 Triple functional cosmetic
  (Anti-wrinkle+Whitening+Sun block)
  Volume 50ml

│ Product information │

  - Protect UV rays and also care UV stress, New concept sun care item that prevent skin from harmful environment
  - As 7 vegetable hypoallergic BSASM COMPLEX, all type skin can use

  A-calming complex
  A-calming complex cares the damaged skin from harmful external environment.

  7 natural vegetable extracts
  BSASM complex made of 7 natural vegerable extracts stabilizes the sensitivity and moistened skin.

  The highest SPF in the country
  The highest SPF in the country and it prevents skin damage from UV rays for a long time.

  Multi total care BB
  Total care is possible with triple complex(Anti-wrinkles+Whitening+Sun block)

│ Special point│

  No more skin stress!
  No more sensitive skin!

  To minimize skin trouble from harmful environment, A-calming complex composed with CELLIGENT ingredient.
  Free from UV stress Safe for sensitive skin Damage protection from UV rays Sensitive skin calming effect from        

  sunburn Antioxidant effect.
  Portulacaoleracea extracts
  Skin calming
  Centella asiatica
  Improve skin elasticity
  Relieve skin damage

  Safe sun suit made by 7 kinds of natural vegetable extracts


 Clear skin tone
  Nourish the skin sufficiently
  Keep skin moisturized
  Smoothly absorbed in the sensitive skin

│ The main ingredients │

  Titanium Dioxide, A-Calming Complex, Multi Bsasm Complex, BASS 2 Complex, Niacinamide, Adenosine

│ Check list │

  Sun care item for calming care and sun protect for sensitive and susceptible skin after dermalogical procedures.

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A calming SUN suit SPF 50__ PA___

A calming SUN suit SPF 50__ PA___