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BHA Clean Solution

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  • MaterialSalicylic acid(BHA)
  • Size60 * 198 * 60 mm
  • Weight450 g
  • Payment TermsT/T
Gold plus trader Gold Plus Trader

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  • South Korea South Korea
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BHA Clean Solution


Basic information

Volume 400ml



Product information


BHA Clean Solution(Toner for exfoliation)?

  1. BHA cares excessive dead skin cell and black head to keep the skin clean.

  2. The product cares sebum of oily skin, maintaining fresh skin.

  3. It completes healthy skin as it contains vegetable extracts such as tea tree, green tea and papaya extracts.

  4. Large size for FACE & BODY as the product for professionals (400ml)


BHA(salicylic acid)?

BHA is lipid soluble ingredient. It prevents accumulation of sebum or impurities in pores so that the clean skin is maintained.

It is suitable to apply to oily skin due to soothing and sebum control effect.

The main ingredients

BHA(salicylic acid)

Beauty Tip

1. Bust or back care where oil is excessively secreted.

2. Apply the product to make white dead skin cell + dull elbow and knee clean~

3. Soak cotton pad and put it on particularly rough skin area for 5~10 minutes. Then it is transformed into moist dead skin cell care pack! Bust or back

How to use

  1. Pump up an adequate amount once or twice on the cotton pad

  2. Apply on the skin gently in sweeping motion.

  3. Pump up an adequate amount once or twice on the cotton pad


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BHA Clean Solution