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KLAREN AC Control Lotion

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  • MaterialKLAREN COMPLEX, SymClariol,
  • Size4 * 4 * 16 cm
  • Weight0 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T
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  • South Korea South Korea

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KLAREN AC Control Lotion



Lower moisture UP ! Excessive sebum DOWN!

Klaren in German means clearor clarify. Arztin took after the word for its product line for sensitive / oily skin types that is highly effective in balancing out lower moisture and excessive sebum as well as soothing reddish and irritated skin to make it healthy.



  • Mechilparaben , Ethylparaben , Benzophenone, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Imidazolidiny urea, Phenoxyethanol

[Thanks to hypoallergenic Klaren 7 FREE SYSTEM and completion of dermatology test, this product does  not give burden to sensitive skin. Thus you can use it safely.] 


For you that AC CONTROL lotion is essential, CHECK oil and moisture balance of my skin! 


- Skin is tight but, surface of the skin is greasy.

- Uneven skin tone due to sensitiveness

- I feel that my face is dull.

- The skin is severely greasy immediately due to excessive oil.

- Skin is always tough due to callus


SOS from broken skin balance! 

If the skin lacks of the moisture, the skin generates much more sebum in order to prevent moisture evaporation. During this process, moisture and oil balance is broken because of excessively occurred sebum. Then sensitive problematic skin will be developed.

KLAREN COMPLEX helps to calm sensitive skin in worrisome area.

The SymClariol from Symrise in Germany helps Sebum control effect. 

Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract that is effective for pore care, relieves greasiness of the skin.

Argan oil offers moisture and silky skin.

1st clinical stimulation test for human skin, more safely! Completion of dermatology test!

Skin soothing for sensitive skin and Completion of healthy skin

Pore astringency and care

Sebum control effect

Hydration, Excellent moisturizing

How to use

Apply gently after skin care, lotion step(after using essence/serum), for absorption.


3 Steps for healthy skin

KLAREN PERFECTOR consists of ACNE Foam Cleanser, Klaren spot and AC Control Lotion. KLAREN PERFECTOR cares lacking moisture and excessive oil balance. We promise to promise healthy skin by calming sensitive skin with KLAREN PERFECTOR.


KLAREN COMPLEX is core COMPLEX that solves problem of oily skin and regains stability of skin.

Rubus Coreanus Root Extract- Control of excessive sebum secretion, balanced oil and moisture

Propolis Extract Including Amino Acid and Mineral, Excellent supplying of nutrition

Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract - Callus reducing effect , Healthy skin texture

* KLAREN AC Control Lotion only


Skin problem solving with KLAREN PERFECTOR! 

1. Dedicated-acne cleanser as sanitary aid 

2. Spot gel to care skin trouble in sensitive area 

3. Fresh sebum control lotion to adjust oil and moisture balance 





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KLAREN AC Control Lotion