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  • MaterialCeramide
  • Payment TermsT/T
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  • South Korea South Korea
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EWG GREEN safety grade ingredient

Strengthen to skin barrier

Help calming for sensitive skin

Provide hydration



Effective for moisturizer

Hypo-allergenic moisture lotion for anyone

Sensitive skin for children and adults

Quick moisturizer and calming for sensitive skin

Tough skin due to dryness

Sensitive skin due to frequent skin changes



Keep the Ceramide for sensitive skin!


Why do you need Ceramide?

It is much more acquired sensitive skin than a born skin. Sensitive means your skin barrier was damaged. Your skin needs helping strengthen the skin barrier.



It is 50% skin structure of Intercellular Lipid which was composed of dead skin cells. It keeps skin moisturizing not to leak any needed hydration and ingredients by constructing the first skin screen like vinyl greenhouse.


It is strong skin barrier like a wall.



If the lack of Ceramide?

1. Skin is getting weak by external stimulation.

2. It is getting dry due to evaporation of hydration and nutrition.

Evaporation of the hydration due to lack of Ceramide

Dryness due to evaporation of hydration

< The skin condition of lack of Ceramide>

< The Intercellular Lipid which was composed of dead skin cells>


The description is limited to the material characteristics



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